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Ho Chi Minh: The Heart and Mind of a Patriot

Book Description: The Vietnamese believe that the heart is three times more important than the mind, as said in poet Nguyễn Du’s The Tale of Kiều. In this book, author Dai Trang Nguyen presents the human side of her understanding of Ho Chi Minh. Using his life and thought as a backdrop, Dr. Nguyen highlights the need to improve cross-cultural dialogue as a vital component of conflict resolution in international relations. The relevance of the legacy of this outstanding revolutionary leader in the development of modern Vietnam – as well as much of the developing world – is analyzed with extensive new research and large doses of humanity in a thoughtful, highly inspirational new work.

Publication date: May 2010
Toronto, Canada
Pages: 151
ISBN: 978-0-986679-0-5

Table of Contents
1. The Journey to Understanding Ho Chi Minh
2. Communication Strategies: Developing World Communication, Western Hegemony, and Conflict Resolution
3. The Early Years of Ho Chi Minh
4. Equality According to Ho Chi Minh
5. The Ho Chi Minh Thought: Past Cause of National Liberation and Present Cause of National Development

Reprint: August 2020. Pre-order information.

Bản tiếng Việt
Năm xuất bản: 2010
Toronto, Canada
ISBN: 978-0-9866079-1-2

Mục lục
1. Con đường tìm hiểu Hồ Chí Minh
2. Chiến lược truyền thông và dung hòa mâu thuẫn
3. Thời niên thiếu của Hồ Chí Minh: Tìm hiểu động cơ mạnh mẽ của một nhà yêu nước
4. Hồ Chí Minh và vấn đề bình đẳng
5. Tầm quan trọng của Tư tưởng Hồ Chí Minh: Công cuộc giải phóng đất nước trước đây và công cuộc xây dựng đất nước hiện nay

About the Author

Dai Trang Nguyen received her MA and PhD from the University of British Columbia and was a consultant for the United Nations. She conducted her post-doctoral research at the Munk Centre for International Studies, and taught Political Science and Asia-Pacific Studies at the University of Toronto.