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Ho Chi Minh Through the Eyes of Martin Luther King Jr.

By Brandon Do, September 25, 2019

The legacies of Martin Luther King Jr. and Ho Chi Minh show us a different model of being human. The two revolutionaries saw themselves as global citizens, as people who in their initiative to change the world also evolved into full beings. They linked the destinies of Black America and Vietnam with one another and with the anti colonial struggles of Africa and Asia. Read more.

Photo: Tổ Quốc

Ho Chi Minh, the Black Panther Party, and the Struggle for Self-Determination

By Sophia Southard
University of Kansas, January 15, 2020 

Photo: Ho Chi Minh temporary exhibit

Photo: Kenneth Spencer Research Library

African Americans, National Liberation and the Vietnamese Revolution, Reject the Pentagon War Machine

By Abayomi Azikiwe
Global Research, February 02, 2018

Although the anti-war movement during this period (1960s-early 1970s) is often portrayed as an effort initiated and led by white university students with left wing political leaning and that African Americans were almost exclusively pre-occupied with Civil Rights and Black Power demands within a domestic framework, the reality of the period proves to be quite to the contrary of such false assertions. From the early 1960s, leading figures within the Civil Rights and Black Nationalists movements expressed their opposition to the American role in Vietnam. Read more.

Photo: Global Research

A Lynching in New Orleans

By Eric A. Gordon
February 18, 2015

As a young man Ho served in the merchant marine and traveled the world. He wrote that around 1919 his ship stopped in New Orleans, and he noticed from the local morning newspaper (the States-Item, perhaps?) that later that afternoon there would be a lynching of a Black man in a public square, to which everyone was invited. Read more.

Photo: United States Library of Congress

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